What to do if you are working from home this Spring...

Ahoy from Dartmouth to all our customers, we hope you are all well, and coping with what is unchartered territory for us all.

At HQ in Dartmouth we are all fit and healthy, but have been thinking about how we can help anyone who has to self isolate or is working from home while the country battles with sorting out this nasty virus. So read on for some helpful nautical advice from Dartmouth!

Firstly, if you have worked from home before, you will no doubt feel very smug about never getting stuck in a rush hour (this means the ferry queue for us in Dartmouth), but you will also recognise that it is all too easy to find yourself still in your PJ’s at 5pm, sat on the sofa, wondering what on earth you have done all day! You have to have a structure to be as productive as possible. JackSpeak HQ are excellent at this in Dartmouth, and follow strict guidelines to ensure we are efficient at all times during the working day.

One way to organise yourself is to continue with the ‘going to work’ morning routine. This does mean getting out of bed, having a shower and brushing your teeth. It also means considering what to wear. After all spring is well and truly here - as bright and alert people, you will have observed the daffs everywhere. So, let’s face it, you ARE working from home, and therefore it is perfectly acceptable and in fact mandatory to be comfy. BUT you might be taking video calls, so maybe you could consider a new JackSpeak T shirt to perk up your working week? Team with smart joggers and trainers for a casual ‘double busy working from home’ look. Our T shirts also work really well in the work skype call game 'guess what it says on my back' which is well documented to keep spirits up and a stimulate a feeling of connection. It is also very well known by the top thinkers here in Dartmouth that sitting at a desk for prolonged periods can get a touch chilly, so you may have to invest in one of our super soft and super comfy hoodies to pop on if the need arises. Our online order department are ready for your orders!

In your lunch hour, (yes an hour – in fact probably 45 minutes should do it, because we know you didn’t start dead on 9 o’clock) we would love for you to do a short ‘HighJack’ video telling us what you are up to, where you are and what you are wearing. It can be as mad and silly as you like. Chief 'working from home' advisors say you must let your hair down sometimes. At the very least this will get you moving and warm you up a bit, and cheer up anyone who follows us on social media! It could be you like to work in a special nook at home (we know someone who likes to work in her bathroom – lighting is good allegedly), so tell us about it! Or if you are shy you could just send us a silly photo of you wearing JackSpeak! Let's see just how creative you lot are!

In all seriousness, we truly hope you all stay well and fit, we know we will deal with the current Corona virus outbreak in true British style. Be assured we are even more stringent in our cleaning of all surfaces in the shop, and will continue to do so. Help each other if you can, be kind, and if anyone is really poorly and needs anything and we live close to you, give us a shout, we can bring supplies if required and a yarn or two, from a distance of course.

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