JackSpeak Christmas Cheer

We love Christmas at JackSpeak. We mean we really, really love it! There is something very special about helping our customers choose special gifts for special people.

Gifts for all

If you need an extra special gift for that extra special man in your life, why not consider one of our JackSpeak Emmett London shirts? Made with all the care and attention that you would expect from JackSpeak and Emmett London, these shirts have amazing details, such as cuff’s featuring J.M.W. Turner's Battle of Trafalgar oil painting on the inside. Our 100% merino wool Sub Mariner jumpers would also be sure to please everyone and not just sailors. Like the Guns of Navarone and Das Boot, it's a beautiful, timeless classic that is available in Navy Blue or Ecru.

For the ladies we have some gorgeous knits, ranging from our bestselling British made Moss Stitch crew neck jumper which is knitted with pure merino wool, to the 100% cotton pretty pink cable knit jumper with a cosy fit. Designed to be paired with any piece in your wardrobe from jeans to dresses, both of these sweaters will see you through the day and night.

Your kids will love our JackSpeak hoodies, designed to be comfy, practical and the perfect staple to throw on anytime and maybe to match mum or dad! Finally, you cannot forget your four legged friend. They never answer back, argue or complain. They are always loving and always so delighted to see you! We hand sew our doggy bandanas to make sure your best friend pads out in (JackSpeak) style.

Naval Festive History

Christmas in the Royal Navy was already a time honoured tradition by the start of the First World War. Where possible it was a light duty day, the staples of which included decoration of the ship, Divine Service, an extra tot of rum, a full Christmas dinner served to the crew by the officers, and some sort show or other entertainment.

Today these traditions continue, and there could be up to 2000 of our Royal Navy away and on duty this year. Of course the catering teams at sea are always excellent, but they do go the extra mile on Christmas Day to keep morale high and try to make the mess feel as homely as possible. It is also usual for all to wear Christmas hats and for the officers to have a role reversal and get stuck into doing the dishes!

In fact there could be nearly 11,000 of our British Armed Forces personnel away from home over the festive period, so we should spare a thought for them.

Visit Dartmouth

So if you are in Dartmouth, so come and see us. Its not just about the clothes, we have accessories for all, such as beanies, bobbles, caps and socks! Original artwork and lots of home wares so pop in and for a browse. Or visit us online at where we are always open.

We wish you all a ‘Kraken’ time, spent well with loved ones and plenty of merriment.

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