JackSpeak and Emmett London have created a joint label


JackSpeak clothing was started in 2017, and since then our clothing brand has gone from strength to strength. We absolutely love our t’s, hoodies and rugby tops; they offer comfort and style with a nod to their heritage from Dartmouth. All are made from the high quality materials and are popular worldwide, especially so when worn on holiday by our customers, who love sending us their snaps wearing them! You may wonder why JackSpeak? It is the term for the colourful 'slanguage' used by sailors over the centuries and is a wonderful world of inspiration for a nautical clothing range. This unique colloquial form of communication has its origins in every corner of the globe and is still very much in use today. Whether you're getting 'ship-shape and Bristol fashion' or are 'cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey' JackSpeak can be heard everywhere.

JackSpeak offer a full range of products: men’s, ladies, and children’s clothing and something for your four legged friend too, as well as many accessories including some original artwork. The shop in Lower Street, Dartmouth truly has something for everyone. Founded in 2017, JackSpeak was developed by a couple of Rugby playing friends whose paths crossed watching the Rugby World Cup in one of Dartmouth's many pubs. Combining a design career and a city background they formed a clothing brand that can be worn to the office, on the yacht or out on 'a hoofing run ashore'. Living in Dartmouth and surrounded by naval traditions, the idea was sparked by family connections to the Royal Navy which includes an officer's seamstress at the Britannia Royal Naval College. 25 years experience in graphic design has developed an eye for detail and a nose for style which is reflected in all the products JackSpeak offers.

JackSpeak were looking to further expand their range and are delighted to say for their latest ‘rig of the day’ they have teamed up with Emmett London, a Jermyn Street shirt maker. This partnership brings you JackSpeak’s latest new arrival: a joint label shirt that takes you from work to play. Robert Emmett started Emmett London in 1992, and has built an excellent reputation for ready to wear shirts, made with meticulous attention to detail. The company pride themselves on only sourcing the finest quality materials and work exclusively with shirting mills.

All of the JackSpeak Emmett shirts have fabulous design details such as J M W Turner’s painting ‘The Battle of Trafalgar’ recreated inside the cuffs, a discreet JackSpeak embroidered logo and port and starboard coloured buttonholes. These exquisitely made shirts are handmade in Italy and come in blue, pink, gingham check and white. They are so soft and comfortable to wear you may want one of each colour! Exclusive to JackSpeak and available now online and in store.

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