'HighJack our social media!'

Here at Jack Speak in Dartmouth, we love that our customers feel a part of our little family. Our business was first started to bring a nautical and naval heritage style of apparel to Dartmouth and the market, and when our photo wall map was first thought of, we had no idea that so many of you would want to join in the fun. We get so many super photographs from around the world from you. From Antarctica to the Great Wall of China, Ethiopia to Dartmouth, we have had them from all over.

This got JackSpeak HQ bods a thinking. They quite like to do their thinking on a Monday between 10 and 11am or a Thursday between 3 and 4pm. These seem to be good times for their creative juices to flow, sitting around a big table with lots of paper and pens, normally wearing glasses so that everyone knows they mean business and are in thinking mode. Of course sometimes they go wild on any given day. The Chief Buffer came up with this idea on a Friday, probably because it is known in the office as Friday Funday - Why not take JackSpeak customer engagement to the next level?

The result is a new customer video campaign, called High ‘Jack’!

It’s the same as a high five, incorporated with saying ‘hi’ to the camera, and its all a bit of fun to brighten up the rest of winter and hopefully the rest of the year.

You may be at home or away, but if you are wearing Jack Speak, or drinking JackSpeak Rum, why not send us a short video of you giving us a high five or as we are calling it, a high ‘Jack’!

There are just 4 easy easy steps to your video:

1. High five the camera and say high ‘Jack’ at the start of your video

2. Say who you are.

3. Say where you are and give us a a quick spin around of the view.

4. Say what you are wearing or show us how you are drinking your rum.

5. Then give us a high ‘Jack’ to finish!

It’s easy, free and fun! Enjoy yourself, add in a message, or perhaps your favourite Jack Speak slanguage phrase, but PLEASE do not swear 🙃. Then email or message us with your video. If you share it on your own social media use the hashtag


In return we will post your video on our social media to let everyone know what you are up to and where our clothing, or rum, has ended up on its travels.

You could be a part of our new campaign which we are launching today, we would really love you all to join in and be a part of it!

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