A taste that speaks for itself...Jack Speak Rum

A taste that speaks for itself…the JackSpeak Premium Reserve Caribbean Rum has landed!

JackSpeak is a nautical clothing brand founded by Nick Shillabeer, based in Dartmouth, and he and the team at JackSpeak are delighted to add a spiced rum to the range of products sold, so completing the customer ‘naval’ style offering.

Rum is a traditional naval drink, with a ‘tot’ being served to sailors on board from around 1850 until 31 July 1970, which was a day of mourning for the Royal Navy, known as Black Tot Day. The rum ration, or ‘tot’, consisted of one-eighth of an imperial pint at 95.5 proof, given out to every sailor at midday. Senior ratings (petty officers and above) received their rum neat, whilst for junior ratings it was diluted with two parts of water to make three-eighths of an imperial pint of grog. The rum ration was served from one particular barrel, also known as the ‘Rum Tub’, which was ornately decorated and was made of oak and reinforced with brass bands with brass letters saying ‘The Queen, God Bless Her’.

JackSpeak rum is blended here in Devon by Master Blender Laurence of the Distinctly Different Spirits Company, and made using molasses, with a mix of three rums from Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and the Dominican Republic. The rum is aged in Bourbon oak barrels in the Caribbean before coming to Devon and cut to strength using Devon spring water. The final result is truly delicious; a lightly spiced, buttery smooth, elegant rum with a hint of vanilla.

Nicks inspiration for the label design came from the Royal Navy and the history behind the rum ‘tot’, resulting in a simple and classic look, that lets the drink speak for itself. The rum retails at £39.95 and comes complete in a smart presentation gift box.

It is a perfect sipping rum, at any time of the day, after all the sun is always over the yardarm somewhere. You won’t need a special barrel or ‘Rum Tub’ to drink it from, just open the bottle and away you go. Excellent over ice, perhaps with a slice of orange, we are confident you will love it! It will arrive in store on Friday and we will be doing a ‘Rum Tasting’ on Sunday 29th December from 11am til 4pm for you to try before you buy!

You can also order online from our website

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